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Heaton Artworks, LLC originated in Taos, New Mexico in 1974, and has been dedicated to artwork created by the celebrated Heaton family:
Tita A. Heaton
Soul Creations Jewelry & Fine Arts
Heaton Art Works, LLC - Founder, specializing in Jewelery
Arolyn Heaton Archuleta Whitney
Paintings and Jewelry
Soul Creations Jewelry & Fine Arts
Sammy Tate-Heaton & Bill Heaton
Dow Heaton
Carvings, Paintings, Sculptures
Tupper Heaton Hawley & Richard Hawley
Chosen Vessels & Cross Gallery - Raku Pottery & Metal Mosaic
Edna Sturtcman
Weed Works NXS - Dried Floral Arrangements

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Specializing in:

Custom Jewelry
Gold & Silver
Precious and Semi-Precious Stones
Lapis, Opals, Turquoise, Chrysoprase
Fine Cultured and Freshwater Pearls
Abalone Shell
Dried Floral Arrangements

How To Contact Heaton Art Works, LLC:

Please e-mail us at:

Tel: (503) 636-7454

Heaton Art Works, LLC
c/o Soul Creations, LLC
16347 SW Bryant Road
Lake Oswego, OR 97035

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